Ahn - “Yes.” 

Boboka - “Baby rabbit.”  

Chosomka - “Boy.” 

Haya Heyamna - “Gods, watch me.”  Battle cry of the Zizumbira.

Kalra - A general term for "Tiger," or specifically an adult male.

Kazhra - A tiger that has killed a man, and is therefore a known threat.  Read as "Man-Eater." 

Kera-hima - “Six-Feathers.” Title of Zizumbira warlord. 

Kizarasunga - "A passionate threat."

Ohs - “No.”  

Rahira - “Most,” or “More than necessary.”  Refers to Zizumbira who do not belong to a tribe.

Temna - “Hunt.” 

Thrrein - "Nightmare." A large, horse-like creature from Zizumbir.  

Zarahaka - “Fire-colored hair.” 

Zusufula - “Shark.” 


Language notes: 

The Old Southern Tongue does not recognize colors as having their own names (like 'red' or 'green'). Colors are instead described as 'grass' or 'sky' and are recognized as colors based on context in much the same way we would recognize that an 'orange' is different from an 'orange pencil'.