"Six-Feathers," or tribal warlord of Zizumbir.  Adopted by the previous Six-Feathers, Kezkaramki, after being found as a child living with tigers in the wild.  Called "Kazhra" by those close to her.  She would love nothing more than to retire and spend her days carving wood on the beaches of her homeland in peace, but first she must deal with the Jaezians that treat Zizumbir as part of their own empire.

Crown Prince of Jaez and third-born son of the Emperor, Jintu was chosen as heir by the Imperial Council because of his temperament, good behavior, and intellect.  He is not interested in the arranged marriage that his father is convinced will bring peace between Jaez and Zizumbir.

The eldest of Kezkaramki's adopted children, Zusufula towers above normal men.  He is Kizarasunga's favorite brother and most trusted friend, often tasked with keeping her temper in check.  Despite his intimidating appearance he is actually rather sensitive.