Posted June 5, 2020 at 02:24 am

Some of you might recognize this lovely mermaid from last year's MerMay.

>>>I'm now selling postcards of her on the Hivemill for Black Lives Matter<<<

My grandmother is ethnically Greek. She was pulled over by a police officer one day while my mom was in the car. My mom recounted how this small-town cop was swearing and generally being rude to my grandmother until he saw her license and asked her if she knew my granddaddy. His boss. Suddenly he was so polite. 

If his behavior wasn't ok for his boss' wife then it wasn't ok for anybody else. 

I am not black. I will never understand what black people go through on a daily basis, or the fear they live with because they cannot trust law enforcement to either protect or serve them. But I have caught some ugly glimpses, especially in this past week. 

I grew up ignorant due to how these issues were presented by the media I consumed. How certain facts were left unmentioned, events were glossed over, bad behavior whitewashed and defended to spare white feelings. 

Thankfully, now we have cell phone cameras and social media. We don't need to rely on the news to show us what is happening. We can see for ourselves how people are being mistreated for having the audacity to criticize law enforcement. So let's take that "liberty and justice for all" and actually make it mean something.