Posted December 30, 2022 at 12:13 am

I hope everyone had nice holidays and stayed safe in the cold! I live in Florida and having multiple nights in a row below freezing is new to me.

I finished the rough thumbnails for Eros & Psyche's 8th chapter (just a few more to go!), cleaned a bunch of the sketches up, started on line art, and have begun working on the roughs for chapter 9. I've also been getting colors figured out for TQ's new chapter (there are new characters, outfits, and settings so it takes time to get all that sorted.) Earlier this month I was busy with finishing the last chapter of E&P, designing stickers for the crowdfund, and putting together slides for the crowdfund's Hivemill page.

I wanted to have some holiday art for you all but I've just been too busy with behind-the-scenes work. So instead here's Kizarasunga and the maids who are trying to figure out her look for the ball!