0222-0224 Library - New Format!
Posted June 7, 2024 at 12:00 am

Things are going to look a little different! Rather than releasing one page a week I'll be sticking some pages together for more convenient reading. I'm not committing to a specific length to the new updates, so some might be two pages and others might be longer.  Alli, does this mean you're going to be committing to multiple pages every week??? No. God no.

This is the beginning of the Library scene. I have completed it already, and $3 patrons were able to read it as I went. I took a break last month so that I could focus my attention on thumbnailing the next scene. Now that scene is thumbnailed and I will start working on it while you lovely people get updated with more than one page every week until the Library scene is over. Once it's over I will pause updates until 1. The next scene is finished and 2. I have thumbnailed the scene after that. Then I will post the next scene uninterrupted. It's possible I may not need to pause updates at all because maybe those conditions will already be met by the time the last update for the Library scene is posted. It just depends.

I have been doing a good job of planning my breaks to make sure scenes go on uninterrupted for your convenience. This is the next level of that where it's easier to keep track of what's going on. I'll also be naming the updates based on the scene to make it easier to find in the archive.

As always, $3 patrons will see pages first, the most convenient way to be notified when the site updates is by using the RSS link to subscribe (I use Feedly to keep track of my own RSS feed!), and I am most active on Bluesky but will still post update notices to Tumblr and Twitter @AlliDrawsComics (links on the side).

Thank you all so much for allowing me to experiment with a sustainable but satisfying update schedule!